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Hours of Operation:

Monday 24 hours
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Services Offered:

AC Unit Installation
AC Unit Repair
Central AC Installation
Central AC Repair
Commercial HVAC Service
Furnace Installation
Furnace Repair
Heat Installation
Heat Pump Installation
Heat Pump Repair
Heater Repair
HVAC Cleaning
HVAC Contractors
HVAC Maintenance
Outdoor Cooling System Installation
Outdoor Cooling System Repair
Refrigeration System Installation
Refrigeration System Repair
Residential HVAC Service
Ventilation System Service


Sales, Service, Repair, Installation, Maintenance. We offer quality work at a fair price, give us a call for your HVAC needs.

We use state of the art equipment to diagnose your system the first time. Servicing all brands and types of equipment.

Here at Quality Cheaper Heating and Air we take pride in our work, we are the only Contractor in and around our surrounding areas that do acca approved manual j heat load calculations. A heat load calculation is the only proper way to size equipment for a home, it takes about 6 hours to do a heat load calc. Measuring the entire house from room to room, windows, color of your roof, the direction in which the sun hits the home, insulation in walls, floors, attic, all the way down to human bodies. If you are like most people, you have hired a contractor to install a new unit and they sized it by square footage of your home. This results in greatly oversized equipment, its just a guess, and most of the time on top of that they might add a little more size "just in case"!
Well bigger is not better in air conditioning. Over sized units start and stop more frequently which increases energy costs, starting, and stopping effects longevity of equipment. Long run times are better for the equipment, cheaper on your energy bills, and dehumidify better. You should also be aware that it takes about 15 minutes of run time before equipment gets to its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.
Every home is different, it just makes sense that a home built in 1960 is different from a home built in 1999, even a tract home identical to the next but facing a different direction will require a different btu(Heat) load calc.
If your not getting a printout of the heat load on your home as part of the proposal find someone that knows how to do one, and ask that they are acca approved calcs.
To drastically cut cooling costs your equipment is sized with in 15% of the heat load calculation, we will find the right equipment for you and your home.
We will also check your duct system or build one from scratch, using acca approved manual d system design software, we will make sure that your unit is running exactly the way it is designed. Unfortunately the majority of homes have undersized ducts and the unit will not operate at its rated performance.
So we take the time to look over your home, design a system based on your heat load, size your ducts properly, and then test everything before we collect payment.
Because we take such pride in our work, and in you as a customer, we offer a 3 year labor warranty in addition to the equipment warranties.

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